Love a Michigan Vet Project provides numerous services to Veterans in Michigan. We work closely with four Veterans shelters in the Detroit area. We serve dinner at one of the shelters monthly. We also service our veterans with resources. One is example is we have a food pantry and keep toiletries on hand. When a Veteran is in need those items are available. We ship care packages overseas to those deployed. We also furnish the homes of veterans when they leave the shelter. We adopt Veteran families that are in need for thanksgiving and Christmas. We provide veterans with the information on how to find resources such as counseling, employment, housing and legal aid. Anything a Veteran needs we try to provide it.

We encourage our youth to get involved. Everything we do is community based. Our donors and volunteers are welcome to come and participate in any of our events. It is possible to come and join us and see exactly where your donations go.

One of our big projects is a Christmas dinner for all four shelters. We provide a complete Christmas meal and gifts. The Veterans at the shelters usually have the bare minimum. We give them all a new coat, underwear, t-shirts, socks, a towel, a complete set of toiletries, hats, scarves, gloves and we provide their items in a backpack. We are hoping to get enough funding to provide each Veteran with a pair of winter boots as well.

The total of veterans housed in all four shelters are 175. We are in need of funding to make their Christmas Merry. Please consider us and supporting this mission! It truly takes a village to give the Veterans the nice Holiday that they deserve.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Also, we do support Veterans year round. Please consider us for future volunteer opportunities. Also, if you know a Veteran in need please refer them to us.

Thank you in advance,
Nadine Jones
Founder of Love a Michigan Vet Project
1515 Fort Street Unit 255
Lincoln Park, MI 48146
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